Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Stop The Negative Thinking

“Jesus replied, “What is impossible with men is possible with God.”  (Luke 18:27)

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve corrected my husband while watching a football game.  As long as our team is winning everything is great, but as soon as they make one mistake he starts throwing out the negative vibes.  I’m sure you’ve heard many times, “what you speak, you bring about”.  If we continually throw out negative vibes, comments, criticism, and pessimistic thoughts and ideas, that’s what we are expecting to receive in return.  We should expect better for ourselves.  There are many pessimistic people I know, and they bring me down so badly and stress me out to the point where I can’t stand to be around them.  Luckily, my husband only gets like this during football games for the most part.  Think about it though, everyone tends to feed off of each other, and it is much better bring about positive feelings than negative.  Bring each other up, not down!

It’s the people who remain positive, even in the worst situation, that have a sense of peace in knowing that everything will work out the way it is supposed to.  When we remain focused on the good things in life, good things will happen.  There is good in everything if you look deep enough. 

Even when you lose a loved one, they are no longer in pain, they are no longer suffering knowing they are going to die, and they are now safe in the arms of Jesus and their loved ones.  How can that not be a positive thing?  Yes, I know we will miss them. Yes, I know they will always be on our minds and in our hearts, and the loss we feel is great.  Those feelings are our feelings and we are entitled to them, but we should be happy that they are where they are.  God is unconditional love and they are feeling that like we have never experienced.  So always look for the good in everything, and remember that with every bad experience, we are growing stronger, learning to persevere, and have God’s grace on our side.   Reach out to God and He will carry you through the storms of life when you are unable to walk.  Eventually, with the support of God and a renewed sense of thinking, things will turn back in a positive direction.

Think about the last time when things were bad for you, you survived didn’t you?  It was probably tough, but think about what you learned during that time.  The next time you go through a rough patch, think back on that and remember what God did for you and how the outcome turned into a positive.  Have confidence in your experiences in life that together with God you can handle anything.  Continue every day to build your relationship with God and learn the promises He’s made to us in the Bible, and remember all things are possible with God.

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