Friday, September 4, 2015

Getting Ready for the Big Reveal!

Research, Social Media, Book Trailers, Banners, Posters, etc.... It never ends!  Getting ready for the book signing.  The information is a little overwhelming, but so exciting!  Realized we need to keep our personal blog sites going if we want to draw a following and still attract attention to our original blog site   That is where we will continue to blog about our work together and eventually include a page to buy our books and order autographed copies, etc.

Created a blog site for my mom, co-author of "Signs from God", so be sure to check it out and follow her as well at - we are on a roll and learning as we go.  This has been an awesome journey so far, and it is really just about to begin!  God is good!

All the praise goes to God, for without Him we would not have come this far.  He said, "Just Do It", and I listened and pushed forward - not knowing where it would go, or how it would happen.  It was God leading us and guiding us every step of the way, and now we are planning for our first book signing!

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