Sunday, November 27, 2016

Knock Down Your Walls!

“Then He brought me to the entrance of the court.
I looked, and I saw a hole in the wall.” (Ezekiel 8:7)

What walls do you have built up around you?  Are you harboring a wall of guilt, a wall of dislike for someone, a wall of fear for losing a loved one, a wall of getting too close to someone?  I imagine that everyone during the course of their life has built one or more of these walls, maybe even several at a time.  What you probably don’t realize though is that these walls are buriers that each of us build to protect ourselves from pain and disappointment. That sounds like a good thing, right; because, pain and disappointment is not a good feeling. The thing to realize though is that these walls only hold us back from true inner peace, contentment, unconditional love, and the ability to receive god-like dreams.  Yes, ultimately it holds us back from seeing our dreams come to pass.

Knock those walls down!  Give your burdens to God.  Learn to forgive one another.  Do not fear death, for God will be with you always.  He will get you through every trial and tribulation sent your way. If you have a problem with a loved one, confront the situation head on in a loving manner.  Don’t make them feel defensive.  Talk to them as if you are their friend.  I’m sure they don’t want you to feel the way you do, or to harbor any unresolved issues.  Choose to live in peace.  Talk to God; ask for his guidance to lead you to do the right thing; listen to what God has to say in that quiet voice you’ll hear in your head; and then, follow his lead.  Knock one wall down at a time if you have to, but knock it down!   You will begin to feel so light on your feet and your spirits so high you could fly simply by giving your burdens to God and trusting He will help you make things right!

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